Best Hiking Shoes of 2022

Best Hiking Shoes of 2022 | Reviews + Buyer’s Guide (2022)

2021 has already been an impressive year for shoe manufacturers. Brands like Birkenstock, Hoka One One, Salomon, and Fila have all produced two-tone, waterproof shoes that didn’t exist just a few short years ago. On the flip side, brands like Vibram and Crocs have brought us back into the ubiquitous comfort of shoes we once wore back in the day, despite concerns that we are rapidly becoming too old for them. Now, we are going to review one of the best hiking shoes of 2022 below:

1. Nike Terra.

What is it? Nike Terra is a hybrid between a traditional hiking shoe and a minimalist running shoe. Built with ultra-light (1.1 ounce) and flexible Carbon Fiber-Mesh technology, Nike Terra aims to be the lightest shoe on the market.  Where are you going to hike in it?

Nike Terra will likely become popular with weekend warriors looking for a versatile, lightweight shoe that is sturdy enough to use as a hiking boot, but light enough to wear on the road. For serious hikers, however, Nike Terra will likely become less popular. The shoe will likely be too flexible and soft for steep and technical trails, even for trails that are used for long distance hiking.

2. Sorel Hi Tech.

What is it? Sorel’s Hi-Tech shoes are notable for their waterproof exterior that will keep your feet dry while allowing you to keep the core of the shoe in contact with the trail.

Where are you going to hike in it? Sorel claims that these shoes can last up to 20 hours before needing to be replaced, which means they’re built to last. The waterproof shoe design, however, will make the Hi-Tech shoes a little heavier than a regular hiking shoe, and they will not be very comfortable if you are wearing tight shoes.

3. Vibram FiveFingers.

What is it? Vibram’s FiveFingers running shoes were also featured in this year’s list, but their FiveFingers hiking shoes were absent. The difference between the two footwear models is that FiveFingers shoes are built to be lighter, more flexible, and easier to slip on and off than traditional hiking shoes. FiveFingers can even be slipped on by people with full-body contortions that would make Tarzan blush.

Where are you going to hike in it? Vibram says that its FiveFingers Hiking shoe is similar to the sole of its FiveFingers running shoes, which have seen a good deal of success in their first few years on the market. However, the FiveFingers Hiking shoes will be more comparable to traditional hiking shoes in their weight and function, and they will likely not be built as lightweight or as versatile as other hiking shoes.

4. Salomon Tiga.

What is it? Salomon’s Tiga is the company’s first step into the hiking shoe market. Made with ultra-light foam construction, these shoes aim to be an efficient hybrid between the lightness of minimalist running shoes and the durability and comfort of regular hiking shoes.

Where are you going to hike in it? The Tiga should be good for hiking in almost any environment, but Salomon’s focus seems to be on delivering a highly durable, versatile hiking shoe that you can wear on most trails without sacrificing too much of the feel of regular hiking shoes.

5. Keen

What is it? Keen has been in the shoe game for over 100 years, and they have been largely responsible for popularizing many of the technologies and designs we see today. The company makes a number of technical trails running shoes, but it also makes a couple of versions of hiking shoes, including a lightweight version of their Run Traction hiking shoe.

Where are you going to hike in it? The company’s Fit & Light model is designed to be more lightweight and versatile than a traditional hiking shoe. The shoe’s light feel and insulation should allow it to be worn in even the coldest of weather conditions.

6. Marmot Minimus.

What is it? Marmot is the standard bearer in outdoor style footwear, offering quality shoes that will weather just about any weather condition with ease. However, the company also makes a variety of hiking models that combine the durability of regular hiking shoes with the comfort and breathability of a regular running shoe.

Where are you going to hike in it? Marmot doesn’t just make good hiking shoes; they make quality hiking shoes that will endure just about any test you throw at them.

7. La Sportiva Weather-Ready.

What is it? Weather-Ready is a line of hiking shoes from La Sportiva that have built-in insulation to keep your feet warm in the winter. It’s the same insulation that was included in La Sportiva’s Cloudraker sneakers and the company’s Bonk Breaker light hiking shoe.

Where are you going to hike in it? Weather-Ready is La Sportiva’s hiking shoe line, and the shoes will be suitable for almost any weather condition. However, if you’re expecting an extremely comfortable shoe, you may want to check out one of La Sportiva’s hiking boots instead.

8. Skirvin

What is it? Skirvin is known for its climbing shoes, but the company’s hiking shoe line has a few models that will be good for trekking in the wilderness.

Where are you going to hike in it? Skirvin specializes in technical hiking shoes that will be up to the challenge of any kind of trail you encounter. The company’s rugged hiking shoes are made of sturdy, rubber-lined soles with built-in ankle support and non-marking rubber treads.

9. Bovat

What is it? Bovat is a relatively new player in the hiking shoe game, but the company has already released some excellent models. The hiking shoes, which include models made in synthetic and leather versions, are built to last and easy to wash.

Where are you going to hike in it? Bovat has a number of models for almost any type of terrain and weather condition. The company has also released several models in a more urban aesthetic.

10. Cascadia

What is it? Cascadia is a company that specializes in shoe manufacturing, specializing in a high-quality, environmentally friendly product. They also have a line of hiking shoes that have also gained popularity in recent years. The company’s MidPac hiking shoes are built to last, and are just as comfortable as any pair of regular shoes.

Where are you going to hike in it? Cascadia has a number of styles of shoes that can accommodate almost any kind of weather condition, but they’ll be best suited for warm weather hikes.

11. Montane Arch II.

What is it? If you like a combination of durability and comfort, the Arch II is the model to go with. The company’s climbing shoes are also available as a hiking option, which will offer the same level of performance and durability as the climbing shoes but with a slightly more comfortable feel.

Where are you going to hike in it? The Arch II is made for all outdoor conditions. However, it’s designed for most temperatures and weather conditions.

12. ULA xtreme gaiters.

What is it? ULA’s elite gaiters are made from Gore-Tex fabric and have a rubberized exterior to keep out the rain and snow. These gaiters will keep your feet dry even in torrential downpours.

Where are you going to hike in it? The ULA gaiters are ideal for traveling to other parts of the world, and even for daily use when hiking in rain, snow, or heavy humidity. xtreme gaiters are the best choice for your outdoor adventures.

13. Shoe Bots 22.0.1

What is it? Shoe Bots makes quality, durable hiking shoes that will help you enjoy your travels without sacrificing your footwear comfort. Shoe Bots also makes shoes in a few other categories, including shoe trees and shoe bags.

Where are you going to hike in it? With its lightweight and durable design, the 22.0.1 hiking shoes will be an excellent choice for an active vacation or trip to the wilderness. The shoe also features a 3D orthopedic arch support, along with a BionX outsole for added support and improved traction. xtreme hiking shoes are also a great option, since they’re built to withstand the most rugged conditions.

14. Osco™

What is it? Osco is a longtime hiking shoe manufacturer that focuses on high quality and stylish footwear for all the activity lovers out there.

Where are you going to hike in it? The Osco boots are best suited for weekend hikes and trekking in the mountains, while their other hiking shoes are ideal for more moderate activities. The one caveat is that both models can handle a fair amount of water, mud, and snow. xtreme gaiters are also a nice option for active travelers.

15. Montane Mountain Ranch

What is it? Montane’s line of rugged hiking shoes are built for difficult conditions. These shoes have been designed for the harshest weather and trails.

Where are you going to hike in it? The MoisturePro clog is made for wet conditions. A pair of waterproof hiking boots or a pair of boots designed for the outdoors are also perfect options. It has been developed to resist both water and snow, so you can soak up the most extreme conditions while still enjoying your hike.

16. Oakley Hillcats

What is it? The Hillcats have built-in LED lighting so you can enjoy your favorite hiking trail even in the middle of the night. These athletic shoes are designed to resist scratches and splinters, and the glistening lace-up style will help you keep your look polished while trekking the trails.

Where are you going to hike in it? Hillcats are a great option for cold weather hikes, especially since they’re built with a Gore-Tex upper and a durable rubber outsole. The Hillcats are also built to be durable enough to handle the most extreme conditions, so they’re a great option for hiking in the snowy mountains.

17. Montane Featherlight II

What is it? The Montane Featherlight II has a lightweight, breathable, flexible, and durable upper. The upper has a comfort lining, which allows your feet to stay dry. The Clog technology adds supportive traction for better grip. These shoes will be comfortable and well suited for a wide variety of activities.

Where are you going to hike in it? For a hike in the mountains, you may want to bring a pair of Montane Featherlight II shoes to handle all the extreme conditions. For an easy walk in the urban jungle, the Montane Featherlight II shoes can be the perfect footwear choice.

18. Sperry Top-Sider ™

What is it? Sperry shoes are an iconic hiking boot that have been a favorite for several decades. These shoes are crafted for the utmost comfort and style, while they will also be waterproof, so you can trek the trails without worrying about water getting into the shoe.

Where are you going to hike in it? For a relaxing afternoon stroll in the park, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Sperry Top-Sider shoes. For hiking trails, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Sperry Top-Sider boots. A pair of Sperry Top-Sider sneakers are also a good option for adventure runners.

19. North Face Mountaineer ™

What is it? The Mountaineer is North Face’s rugged outdoor boot designed to take you on a variety of hiking trails. The upper is crafted with cork so the leather will breathe. The Mountaineer has a comfortable and durable rubber outsole, so the shoes can survive long, tough hikes. The breathable insole and waterproof lining make the Mountaineer perfect for wet conditions.

Where are you going to hike in it? The Mountaineer is ideal for trekking through wet, snow-covered forests. For easier hikes, you can wear the Mountaineer in the city. A pair of North Face mountaineer shoes and pants would be a perfect hiking outfit.


That’s the list of our top-20 hiking shoes, but we recommend that you do your own research before you buy. Hiking can be a fun and exciting way to get outside, but it’s important to consider all of your own factors before you start hiking. Whether you want to get outdoors or you just want to go to the gym more often, a hiking shoe or boots may be just the right choice for you.

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