Best Sleeping Bags

10 Best Sleeping Bags in India (2022) for Cold Weather Camping

Best Sleeping Bags

It is no secret that cold weather camping is a popular camping activity. It’s the type of camping where you’re out on the lake or hiking in the mountains and end up sleeping under a couple of blankets. So, if you like to stay cozy and warm at night, you might want to invest in a cold-weather sleeping bag for better sleep. You will find sleeping bags in a wide variety of sizes and types, each catering to different needs.

Well, the good thing is that the Internet has opened a lot of doors for us and people are already sharing their experiences with various sleeping bags through reviews and recommendations. So, you can quickly compare products from different brands.

Now, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 sleeping bags for camping and backpacking based on the feedback of our readers. If you want to know the best sleeping bag for cold weather, then this list is for you. So, without further ado, let’s move on to the list.

Canoe Down Pillow Reversible Lightweight Sleeping Bag

The Canoe Down Pillow Reversible Lightweight Sleeping Bag is made of polyester and is designed for backpacking. In case you’re interested in a backpacking sleeping bag or backpacking pillow, then this is a perfect choice for you. This sleeping bag has a down liner with a very warm fleece inside that keeps you warm.

As for the technology and material used, this sleeping bag uses certified down filling and the outer shell has been moisture wicking. So, you will get a very comfortable sleeping experience while sleeping in cold weather. You can also take this bag camping because it features a flexible zipper for ease of use.


  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Thermal Pockets for Heaters
  • Lined With Super Warm Down Fleece
  • Easy to Use Pockets and Raising System for Sleeping Pillow


  • Not A Heavy Duty Sleeping Bag
  • Pricey

Teton Sports 200-Degree Nylon Sleeping Bag

The Teton Sports 200-Degree Nylon Sleeping Bag is designed for cold weather camping with a couple of side pockets. This sleeping bag is a good choice for people who want to sleep comfortably under the stars. The sleeping bag is very warm and waterproof. However, it’s only available in 300-Degree size.

This sleeping bag is a blend of 200% nylon and 40% acrylic, which makes it quite lightweight. The polyester and polyester blend has a very warm and waterproof layer that will keep you warm even when you’re sleeping in cold weather. It features a soft fleece lining to keep you cozy. It is also perfect for backpacking.

The outer shell is very breathable, so you’ll be able to stay cool and comfortable even when you’re sleeping in temperatures below freezing. The comfort levels are decent as it’s designed for a few people. It comes with some side storage pockets for easy access to your hiking stuff.


  • Lightweight and very breathable
  • Cool and waterproof exterior
  • Easy-to-use storage pockets
  • Heated Dry Pocket


  • Only Available In 300 Degree Size

Pangea Softshell Pro Hybrid Sleeping Bag

The Pangea Softshell Pro Hybrid Sleeping Bag is another great choice for cold weather camping. It is made of synthetic insulation that keeps you warm in freezing temperatures. This sleeping bag is extremely lightweight and fully unzipable, so you can get into it easily even in cold weather.

This sleeping bag uses Thermolite synthetic insulation that keeps you warm even at sub-zero temperatures. It’s also waterproof and can be used in all types of weather conditions. Pangea’s Softshell sleeping bags are designed with a moisture-wicking fabric that ensures that your feet stay dry even when you’re sleeping in cold weather.

The material also helps to wick sweat and keep you cool even while sleeping in cold weather. In case you want to test the sleeping bag out before you buy it, then you can do so at your local outdoor store.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Polyester DuPont Afene 30 spandex
  • Hydrostatic Technology for natural ventilation
  • Heated Dry Pocket for ease of use
  • Freezable Dry Pillow


  • Only Available In 300 Degree Size

Bearpaw Harnack Creek SS Sleeping Bag

The Bearpaw Harnack Creek SS Sleeping Bag is another well-known sleeping bag from Bearpaw. This sleeping bag features a down-filled interior with the goose-down blend. This sleeping bag is a perfect option if you are going to use it in cold weather.

The Harnack Creek is also very compressible and lightweight, so you can easily carry it around without feeling weighed down. The Bearpaw Harnack Creek is perfect for backpacking or backpacking trips that you are planning to take next year.

This sleeping bag has a lot of features that make it a great choice for sleeping outdoors in cold weather. It has a removable insulation layer and is also equipped with a waterproof rainfly that you can remove in case of inclement weather.

The Harnack Creek also has a removable, zippered full-length zip pocket that can help you to keep your important stuff at hand. It also features a side pocket to store your hiking/camping gear and you can use it to keep a few bottles of water in as well. The zipper on this sleeping bag has a pull cord that helps you to take it off when you’re out hiking.

This sleeping bag also features a 2-inch inflatable ThermaKeeper pocket that will keep your tent dry when it’s raining. This sleeping bag also comes with a machine washable and waterproof cover.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Machine washable and waterproof cover
  • High quality down
  • Compressible and lightweight
  • Can be used in all weather conditions


  • The insulation layer is not removable
  • The heated pocket is only available in two sizes

Sea to Summit Ultra II Two-Person Sleeping Bag

The Sea to Summit Ultra II Two Person Sleeping Bag is a pretty decent product and it also comes with some pretty great features. It has an integrated AC jack that can be used as a USB charging port while you’re not on the move. The two-way zippered hood feature ensures that you don’t get too hot or cold while you sleep outdoors in the cold weather.

This sleeping bag is available in four different sizes ranging from small (6’) to large (15’). The sleeping bag has a high-density foam and a large amount of insulation that makes it suitable for all climates. This sleeping bag also has two different reflective tags so that you can easily see where your sleeping bag is located in the dark.

This sleeping bag also comes with a waterproof jacket and is highly compressible. The sleeping bag also features a top carry handle. It is recommended that you buy this sleeping bag with a closed-cell foam pad, as it helps to keep the interior of the sleeping bag nice and warm.


  • Very high quality down
  • Comes with two reflective tags
  • Top carry handle
  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Comes with high-density foam and high-quality down insulation
  • Two-way zippered hood
  • Great weather cover


  • It is quite expensive

North Face 20 Degree Packable Sleeping Bag

The North Face 20 Degree Packable Sleeping Bag is another great sleeping bag that is relatively affordable. The 20-degree sleeping bag by the North Face is available in different sizes and features. The sleeping bag is extremely compressible and lightweight as well.

The down-insulated fabric is durable and capable of keeping you warm in colder conditions. The down-insulated version of this sleeping bag is available in 7 different colors. It is compatible with a decent-sized hammock, which is another nice feature. This sleeping bag is a good choice for backpacking, as it is easily packable.

It has a full-length zippered hood, a mesh foot, and thigh pocket and a pocket for a length of 16’ to hang a water bottle. It is available in a pack size of 19” x 7’ and an ounce. The North Face 20 Degree Packable Sleeping Bag is very lightweight, so this sleeping bag is a good choice for your backpacking gear.


  • Super lightweight and compact
  • Full-length zippered hood
  • Zippered mesh foot and thigh pockets
  • Zippered mesh pocket
  • Mesh-back zipper
  • Eight color options


  • The down-insulated version is not very warm
  • The webbing loops are not as comfortable as some of the other sleeping bags on this list

Uppababy Travel Queen Packing Cubes

Uppababy’s Travel Queen Packing Cubes are small enough to take on trips with you wherever you go, including to remote locations. They come in a pack of two and each packing cube measures 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 3.75″. The size of the packing cubes and the weight are both very comfortable. The smaller size makes them ideal for use in cars as well as when sleeping outdoors.

Each of the packing cubes has seven pockets, but they are not quite large enough to fit a folded bath towel or a small laptop in one of the pockets. However, it does mean that the pack cubes can be stored very compactly.

The packing cubes are also packed very light and are packed very tightly. This means that the cubes will be very hardy and if you do pack them into a bag that is not closed tight, the cubes should hold together in a pocket. However, the tighter packing means that the cubes can’t be used to store items when not being used.

The packing cubes can also be used to store items like a rain jacket or a flashlight in a nice compartmented storage bag. These materials allow you to minimize weight when packing and you can use the pack cubes to store various items without taking up a lot of room in your pack.


  • Has seven pockets, which makes it very compact
  • Shoulder and chest compartments
  • Great for car trips
  • Lighter than some of the other bags on this list


  • The pouch in which the packing cubes are packed may not be waterproof

LifePride 20 Degree Deluxe Sleeping Bag

The LifePride 20 Degree Deluxe Sleeping Bag by LifePride is a high-quality sleeping bag that has some great features. The 20-degree sleeping bag has a goose-down fill. The goose-down filling provides extra insulation and warmth, which makes this sleeping bag an ideal option for warmer nights.

The bag has been cut at the shoulders for added comfort and to make it fit into a regular-sized sleeping bag shell. There is also a second zippered pocket that is accessed from the crotch of the sleeping bag. The two main storage compartments for the sleeping bag are a water bottle pocket and a large air pocket.

Both of these features are handy and allow you to store items that you don’t want to put out of reach in the outer pockets. The material for this sleeping bag is a high-quality polyester that is very similar to that of North Face’s 20 Degree Sleeping Bag.

The liner for this sleeping bag is primarily comprised of goose down which provides the insulation to keep you warm. However, this sleeping bag has a rating of 6.5 down fill so there is some breathable material included. This breathable material also prevents dampness and condensation from making their way inside the sleeping bag.

The 20-degree sleeping bag also has a hood which is very handy for keeping the wind out when sleeping in the cold. The side pockets are large enough to hold two batons or a small backpack and the pocket has a cord management system for attaching the hood.

The LifePride 20 Degree Deluxe Sleeping Bag comes with a warm liner. You can purchase an additional $50 bag liner from LifePride and get another layer of insulation inside the sleeping bag.


  • High-quality down insulation
  • Breathable fabric on the inside
  • Two zippered storage pockets and a water bottle pocket
  • Large pocket for a water bottle
  • Very high storage capacity for the quality of this sleeping bag


  • A little pricey compared to some other options
  • The hood may be overkill for most users

ExoPC Lightweight Backpacker Packing Cube

The ExoPC Lightweight Backpacker Packing Cube by ExoPC is a very impressive packing cube by the company. It’s one of the lightest packing cubes on this list and also the most travel-friendly. It is also much smaller than the pack cubes included on our other list of the best sleeping bags.

The ExoPC Lightweight Backpacker Packing Cube can be folded up and rolled into a tube when not in use. It can also be folded up and placed into a large Ziploc bag that fits into the storage pockets on the inside of the cube.

The ExoPC Lightweight Backpacker Packing Cube is constructed from premium materials that are made of the same insulation as that used in military helmets and bulletproof vests. The inside material is created from temperature-regulating 600 Denier Cordura material which can be used as water repellent or as a self-cleaning waterproof. It’s also shock absorbent and tear-resistant.

This cube is very durable and water-resistant, and the cube is constructed with screw mounts that will not loosen over time. The ExoPC Lightweight Backpacker Packing Cube also has a four-sided zipper that provides an extra layer of durability.

There are a few interior pockets for organizing smaller items. The sleeves for these pockets are also really spacious and can be useful when you need to store items that can be easily accessorized. There are also pockets for storing a dry bag or an extra pair of socks.

The ExoPC Lightweight Backpacker Packing Cube is constructed from a rip-stop material that will keep the moisture out while keeping you warm. The downside of this pack is that it is not very roomy or forgiving. The pack cubes included on this list of the best sleeping bags are much larger and more durable.

If you’re seeking a lightweight and waterproof carry-on travel bag, then the ExoPC Lightweight Backpacker Packing Cube may be the right choice for you.


  • An excellent option for carrying water bottles for a trip
  • Warm materials
  • Four zippered pockets
  • Removable dry bag


  • Not as spacious as some other options
  • This pack may be too small to hold most travel backpacks
  • If you prefer to travel with a large water bottle, then this pack might not be a good option for you

Yeti AL150 Duffel Bag

The Yeti AL150 Duffel Bag by Yeti is one of the biggest sleeping bag backpacks on the market and it’s also one of the most expensive as well. This sleeping bag backpack has very good reviews because of the quality of the materials used. This bag is constructed from 18/8 bison, recycled nylon. The company claims that this is “The world’s toughest synthetic material, which is thick enough to withstand months of rain and spray, punctures and barbed wire.”

The Yeti AL150 Duffel Bag has an expanded back panel that will accommodate a full-sized 50+ liter sleeping bag. It also has a detachable waterproof insert that can be stowed inside the bag. The Yeti AL150 Duffel Bag also comes with a high level of waterproofing, so you can be sure that rain will not impede your ability to travel.

The interior of the Yeti AL150 Duffel Bag is constructed from a padded micro-fleece material. It also has anti-slip and anti-stab restraints on the main compartment which helps to prevent the bag from shifting around.

The shoulder straps are comfortable, and the top loader zipper is easy to use. There are also two water bottle pockets on the side of the bag. All of the mesh zippers are covered with shock-absorbing material so that this bag will resist damage during even the heaviest of hauls.

The Yeti AL150 Duffel Bag is not a small pack, and it is a bit larger than some other options for sleeping bag backpacks. If you are a frequent traveler who tends to get lots of use out of your sleeping bag and wants to have the flexibility to travel with a large sleeping bag without a small backpack, then the Yeti AL150 Duffel Bag may be the right choice for you.

Price: $399.00 & Free Shipping


  • Lightweight but durable materials
  • Multiple internal water bottle pockets
  • Extra deep main compartment for a larger sleeping bag
  • Durable design will hold up against rain and wear over time


  • This is a fairly large pack that may be difficult to carry on trips
  • The shoulder straps are not padded and could be a bit uncomfortable


These are 10 of the best camping sleeping bags in India for 2022. There are even more options for you to choose from if this list did not have enough to suit your style. Please don’t forget to check out our other list of the best camping stoves and backpacking cooking sets.

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