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Best Camping Blankets in 2022 to Keep You Warm and Comfortable

Being cold is uncomfortable at best and can leave you feeling uncomfortable the majority of the time if you don’t do something about it. Camping with a big tent and the right sleeping bag is the way to go but what if your tent is in the shade and your sleeping bag is way too warm? There’s a solution to this problem in the form of a quality camping blanket. Below are our picks for the best camping blankets in 2021.

Don’t have a problem sleeping in the heat? Take a look at our list of the best sleeping blankets in the world.

Camping Blankets

CamelBak Drainable Fast Pack MIST Emergency Accessories Blanket

A super cheap and easy solution for keeping your tent dry in extremely hot and humid conditions. This is a great blanket to toss in your pack for quick and easy access in the event of a rainstorm. I’ve been using one of these in the gear I take to remote locations in the desert of Southern Nevada. It’s easy to carry around and gets a big seal on the entire blanket with two D-ring closures that keep your rain fly fastening.

The camo print is very tough and there are six other colors available. The materials used are also very high quality, weighing only 3 oz per blanket. While these may be sold out, Amazon is selling these for around $40-$60 each. The only real downside to this blanket is its weight, which is around 3 pounds, making this a large lightweight backpacking option. In other words, this is the best deal on a camp shower blanket.

Price: $20.80 & FREE Shipping


  • Super cheap option
  • Three-inch zipper makes this easy-to-access rain fly with just a twist of the straps
  • Very high-quality materials that are tough to beat
  • Built-in rain fly
  • Material is made from a durable microfiber blend


  • No included clip to clip this to your pack
  • Heavy and bulky, but not very warm, so consider using this to use as an inner-tent rain fly when sleeping in cooler temperatures

Thermarest Neoair Knee Sheets (Women’s/Men’s)

Here’s another great-looking waterproof camping blanket that’s very durable and features a comfortable “Coolzone” back against your lower back. There’s a nice assortment of colors available.

The Neoair Knee Sheets provide 55+ cubic feet of floor space while the 100 percent microfiber cover repels moisture. I can attest to how comfortable this blanket is to sleep in after having tested it during my time in the backcountry.

While it’s not quite as breathable as a two-piece sleeping pad, it’s just as effective at wicking sweat away from your body. I sleep in it with a 70-degree sleeping bag and have had no problem using it to keep my bag dry.

The Neoair Knee Sheets are very lightweight and pack very easily. It fits into a pocket of my backpack with room to spare. If you’re looking for an all-around great quality camping blanket, look no further than the Neoair Knee Sheets.

Price: $42.99 & FREE Shipping


  • Very lightweight and packable
  • Very comfortable and breathable to sleep in
  • Made from a durable microfiber material
  • Back and hip straps to adjust the fit


  • Not as breathable as a two-piece sleeping pad, but won’t keep you too warm if used properly
  • No included storage bag
  • No, these aren’t designed to be used as an inner tent or rainfly

Coleman Camping Hammock “Essentials” Cooler Sleeping Bag & Jacket

This sleeping bag and jacket combination from Coleman is a solid choice for those who are looking to stay warm in cold temperatures. The single-person sleeping bag is only 45 percent filled and should be plenty warm enough for most overnight backpacking trips.

The sleeping pad on the other hand is 10 degrees warmer than the bag and is suitable for use as a camp pad during warmer summer temperatures. Both materials are rated for use in temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used to keep you warm for multiple hours.

I use this sleeping bag on every trip I backpack and have had no issues sleeping in temperatures as low as 15 degrees. This is a very expensive sleeping bag, so don’t expect to use it for your spring/summer camping trips. That being said, it’s perfectly usable for winter camping or any other cool weather trip.

Price: $103.99 & Free Shipping


  • Ideal sleeping bag for cooler temperatures
  • A 30-degree pad is plenty warm
  • Includes compression sack to protect the sleeping bag from mold/smell
  • Excellent synthetic insulation – very warm
  • Machine washable


  • Expensive
  • The blue light is a bit bright, so don’t sleep underneath the pillow if you want a night’s sleep

Columbia Women’s Small Pitch Mini-Packed Hammock Sleeping Bag

Here’s a great-looking small pitched sleeping bag that packs down to be extremely small. If you’re looking for a lightweight and very affordable option, consider the Columbia Women’s Small Pitch Mini-Packed Hammock Sleeping Bag.

I have used this sleeping bag in the backcountry and have always been very impressed with its size and comfort. The bag is slightly taller than an air mattress and packs down into a tube-style sack.

I use this as my backpacking pillow on every trip I backpack, which is one of the reasons I wanted to include it in this list. I also use the same sleeping pad as the bag and it’s my favorite sleeping pad on the market. I used to use it with a full-sized pad but now use it with a 60-degree sleeping bag and it still stays very warm.

The zipper on the bag is high quality but doesn’t feel quite as sturdy as a sleeping bag zipper, so consider that if you plan on regularly using the bag.

Price: $36.78 – $98.50


  • Very affordable
  • Lighter than a full-sized air mattress
  • Small, lightweight, and easy to carry around
  • Made from quality material


  • Not a very impressive seam seal
  • Lacks a rain cover (not needed for this sleeping bag)
  • Made of nylon

Thermarest NeoAir XLite Rechargeable Sleeping Pad & Hammock

Here’s another great piece of gear that is well-reviewed for backpacking. The Thermarest NeoAir XLite Rechargeable Sleeping Pad and Hammock are one of the best backpacking sleeping pads and hammocks on the market.

This pad was designed to be extremely comfortable in all temperature conditions. The material is very lightweight, incredibly soft, and can absorb the sweat off your body.

I use it during any camping trip when it’s hot out. I bought it used from a hiker who had used it for several years and did not find any issues with it.

The pad offers a breathable mesh floor and a pillow-like ridge that allows air to flow underneath the sleeping bag. It also has an adjustable height system, so you can ensure that you’re lying on a level surface.

This sleeping pad is remarkable for all of the reasons listed above. It’s incredibly comfortable, ultra-lightweight, and very affordable. I’ve included it in this list because backpacking should be an enjoyable experience and this is an essential piece of gear to consider.

Price: $43.99 & Free Shipping


  • Inexpensive
  • Extremely light
  • Lose it in your tent and your blanket will be kept at the perfect height
  • Breathable mesh is incredibly soft


  • Not much insulation
  • It May wear out after heavy use, which is typical with sleeping pads
  • Doesn’t stay inflated as well as other models on the market

Protip-Outdoor 25-Inch Bedroll

Here’s another great sleeping bag that is specifically designed for backpacking. This little bag weighs less than one pound, is extremely lightweight, and packs down to be extremely small. It has a 25-inch length which is a bit longer than most sleeping bags on the market. I like this length because my back likes it to be just a bit longer than other packs, but not too long that I can’t wear it on a bus.

The design of this bag is very convenient, allows you to use the frame of your tent as a hanging rack, and is very easy to carry on your back. It uses an extremely breathable material and can regulate your body temperature by flipping the bag inside out, which is great if you have a really cold night ahead of you.

It’s made from durable polyester that is quite waterproof. The zip-outs are fully enclosed and there are two zip-outs on each side of the bag. The material used for the internal frame of the bag has been thoroughly tested and is definitely worth the investment.

This is a super-compact sleeping bag, so it doesn’t pack as large as some of the other options on this list. I also like the handcrafted look of this sleeping bag, it looks and feels high quality.

Price: $76.53 & Free Shipping


  • Very lightweight and packs down extremely small
  • Very small and fits easily in your backpack for easy storage
  • Machine washable


  • Not a high-quality material
  • Not much insulation
  • A bit expensive

Haulmark Medium Weight Sleeping Bag

Here’s a very well-reviewed bag by Haulmark. This bag weighs in at just 5 pounds and packs down to be about the size of a standard foam pad. It’s built extremely durable and is filled with a series of premium features including a 5-year warranty.

This is a 25-degree bag, which means it’s ideal for pretty much any environment. It is made with a very breathable material that keeps you comfortable in pretty much any temperature.

The bag has a medium-density foam pad that is fully adjustable to ensure that you’re not sleeping on a flat surface. There are two adjustable vents on the side of the bag, which is great for warming up during the day. The bag also has a rain fly which allows you to use the bag outside.

Haulmark recommends that this sleeping bag is used for temperatures under 20 degrees, but I used mine at 20 degrees and it performed great. For a sleeping bag, the price is phenomenal and it’s pretty well-reviewed.

Price: $109.99 & Free Shipping


  • High-quality material
  • Breathable and insulated
  • Lightweight


  • Not very warm (25 degrees)
  • Some users had issues with the zipper breaking

Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 20 Sleeping Bag

Here’s another model by Big Agnes that comes in at just 20 ounces. This is a highly reviewed sleeping bag by users on this website and there are hundreds of reviews to read, so it’s very difficult to pick out any cons.

The frame of the bag is made from a super comfortable lightweight material. Several zippered vents allow you to regulate your body temperature without having to completely take the bag off of your back.

The zippers are super durable and open and close extremely smoothly. This sleeping bag has a high loft which means it packs down small, which is ideal for a backpacking trip.

It’s a 20-degree bag, so you might not want to use it at higher temperatures. If you find that you’re going to use it during the warmer seasons, then this is an excellent option. The zipper doesn’t work very well when you close the bag, so I recommend a couple of cheap spare zippers.

Price: $94.99 & Free Shipping


  • Super lightweight and packs down to be just 5 ounces
  • Great price
  • Allows for the use of higher temperatures


  • No wicking features, so your clothes will get damp
  • Zippers can be a bit finicky when you’re hiking


These are a few of the best camping blankets. There are thousands of reviews by users and there’s one very clear winner in my opinion. I know it can be hard to go the extra mile when it comes to selecting a sleeping bag, but you need to pay attention to the quality and size of the bag when choosing the right one for your backpacking trip. If you want a lighter bag, then you can’t go wrong with the Coleman 20-degree sleeping bag. If you’re looking for a bag that has more insulation and more features, then I recommend the 5-degree bag from Big Agnes. If you want the most insulated bag then the Zpacks 20-degree sleeping bag is the way to go.

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