Best Sleeping Bags for Hiking

Best Sleeping Bag for Hiking | Reviews + Buyer’s Guide (2022)

We have searched high and low for the best Sleeping Bag for Hiking. All of them have double-wall construction, include the Utopia hood, offer plenty of space in the bag for body compression gear, and all these sleeping bags come in at around $300-$500. A sleeping bag may look like a bulky garment at first, but if it is treated with respect and built well, then it will serve you well. I’ve been tested and used many of the above bags and have found that most of these sleep bags fit into a bag and are close to each other in size.

This makes them easy to fit inside of an old backpack with plenty of room for comfort. This is the part that I really enjoy because I enjoy the sleep experience. If you have a good set of frames, then it is easy to insert a sleeping bag into the frame without a struggle. You do have to get comfortable with getting under the bag though, as if you try to wedge in between it and the frame of the bag, then you are going to have a very uncomfortable night.

The Best of the Best Sleeping Bags for hicking:

1. Sleeping Bag: Marmot Wraith

This is a top of the line Sleeping Bag for Hiking by Marmot. They are known for making top quality clothing and now they have added sleeping bags to the lineup. This sleeping bag is made of 800 denier nylon with inner filled with water-resistant down. This means that it will keep you warm even in low temperatures. This is my first winter backpacking in a long time and the warmth of the down has made it really enjoyable. This is the model that I used and I used it last year with an older Arctic insulation kit and I was very pleased with how warm it was. This sleeping bag will keep you warm down to about 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is packed for sleeping at about 25 Fahrenheit. I used this bag in temperatures down to 10 Fahrenheit and it still kept me comfortable.

The best part is the fact that it comes with a hood to keep the wind from getting you awake at night. The hood is very simple, but effective. The hood is made from nylon and is made of two pieces. There is a bar that connects to a string that is fixed to the bottom of the hood. This means that it can be placed over your face in case of high winds. You can hook this hood to an electric blanket or another piece of equipment for additional warmth. The hood also keeps the bag from breathing so that you are warm all night long. The sleeping bag comes with a mummy bottom as well, which you can use or not if you are not camping. I used the mummy bottom last year for most of my trips, but I prefer using just the two-layer bag. It fits snuggly in my bag and it does not bother me to have two layers of material inside.

The only problem that I have with this bag is that the hood is not adjustable, but that can be easily fixed with a few zip ties. You can easily go up or down on the hood depending on the conditions, or it can be held at the same level all the time. Another option for this bag is to buy foam cheek pads to go along with it. These cheek pads make it very comfortable for sleeping. I just bought my first set, but they are very affordable. I just tested a set and I really like them. So, have never had trouble getting into a sleeping bag, but these pads make the situation easy. Also, i have had a very good experience with this sleeping bag and it is my #1 choice.

#2. Sleeping Bag: Columbia Hardshell 20L Ultralight Sleeping Bag

This is my second choice for a Sleeping Bag for Hiking. It is priced a bit higher than the Marmot, but it has a lot of other great features. Made from 1000 denier polyester and 850 deniers fill with synthetic insulation. It is a little on the expensive side, but I am pleased with the quality of the bag. It comes with a hood for winter nights.

I did some research and found this sleeping bag is good for use at about 7 degrees Fahrenheit and also at about 14 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature rating does not accurately take into account the wind chill. It feels very comfortable at these temperatures. I just got my softshell when I ordered the sleeping bag, but it does not have a hood.

Another interesting feature about this Sleeping Bag for Hiking is the removable air bladder. I just found out about this feature and I am very impressed with the zipper on it. It just has one zipper on the back that you can close off the front of the bag. This zipper then allows you to put in some hot air or warm water to keep you comfortable. I am going to try this out when I am out in the mountains this winter.

This sleeping bag is very lightweight and thin, but it is nice that you can also adjust it to fit if you want a different sleeping bag. It does not have a mummy bottom like the Marmot, but it does come with a special bottom with a mummy material on the bottom of it. My overall experience with this sleeping bag was excellent. I love how lightweight it is, the weather rating, and the fact that it comes with a hood. You can really fit two people comfortably inside the bag.

#3: Sleeping Bag: Outdoor Research Fitzrifi 20L

This is my #3 pick for a Sleeping Bag for Hiking. It is the third item on my list for the gear guide. Also, a very lightweight sleeping bag that can be used for any temperature. It is made from some very good synthetic insulation. It has a 3-layer polyester construction. This sleeping bag comes with a hood and a mummy bottom, but it does not have a mummy bottom like the other two bags. I found the 2-layer mummy bottom very comfortable and they are very thin. The sleeping bag is a little expensive and the Hood does not have a zippered closure like the other two bags. The other two bags also have a hood, but this one does not have one.

I personally like the hooded sleeping bags and I thought that the Fitzrifi 20L sleeping bag had a nice-looking hood. The bottom of the bag is nice and warm and the material is nice and breathable. It is also very light and easy to pack. I think it is definitely a good value for what you get. The biggest drawback is that it does not have a big enough footprint to fit inside my Carhartt jacket pocket. The jacket I use for work has a big hood so it will have to go to the dry cleaners to fit into my jacket pocket. I am not sure if that will ruin the sleeping bag, but it is an issue for me.

If you like to sleep warm, this sleeping bag for hicking would be perfect for you. I love the hood and the size of the sleeping bag is perfect for most of the time. Also, I tried the fabric of the sleeping bag and found it very soft. I did not want to test it out with my test stove and hot cocoa though because it was nice to sleep in a warm, cozy sleeping bag. It was so comfortable that I thought that I would not notice how cold I was. I have been sleeping in the same sleeping bag for a long time and this sleeping bag is pretty comfortable.

It was also nice that it was warm and dry. The only complaint I have about the sleeping bag is that it was a bit difficult to compress the bag with a hand nozzle. It took a lot of strength and squeezing to compress the bag enough to get it to fit inside my Carhartt jacket pocket. The other two bags are much more compact. I liked the softness of the sleeping bag and it was very comfortable to sleep in it. I will be packing the bag again when I go to Mammoth this winter.

#4: Sleeping Bag: Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm

I believe that this is the most comfortable sleeping bag of all the sleeping bags for hicking I have seen so far. The one I have been sleeping in is a year old and the only thing wrong with it is that it is a little worn out. I was able to put my work clothes into it when I was out camping a few weeks ago and it fit like a glove inside my jacket pocket. It is so lightweight that it weighs only 2 pounds, but it still kept me warm inside.

The NeoAir XTherm is a good sleeping bag, but not the best out of the three. I love the simple design of it. It does not have a mummy bottom and it has a hood with a zippered closure. The bag is so light that you barely know that it is there and it is so warm that you forget that it is there. The sleeping bag is very cheap too, so it is a good value. The NeoAir XTherm does not have a hood or a mummy bottom, but it has a nice hood with a zip closure like all the other sleeping bags. I love this zipper closure because it keeps me warm even when I have a heavy jacket on.

It is a simple zipper closure, but I appreciate the extra protection it gives. If you like sleeping warm, the NeoAir XTherm is a great bag. It is very comfortable and it is light as a feather. I tested the Sleeping Bag’s hood with my fleece hat on and I did not notice a change in the temperature. Sure, it would be a little more effective if I was to put on a long-sleeved shirt, but it would have been nice to have that option with a $15 fleece hat. I would definitely consider getting a NeoAir XTherm if I was looking to buy a decent sleeping bag that is cheap.

#5: Sleeping Bag: Sierra Designs Pura Advantage

I love the Pura Advantage because it is the lightest Sleeping Bag for Hiking. It weighs only 2.3 pounds, but it does not feel heavy at all. I was surprised at how warm it was. I was surprised at how easy it was to get inside. The bag is made out of a high-quality synthetic material and it is extremely warm. It is a very lightweight sleeping bag, but it is made out of high-quality synthetic material.

It is kind of a large sleeping bag, so it is perfect for sleeping in the wilderness, but I would not consider it a good backpacking bag because of the lack of warmth. The Pura Advantage is warm and compact, but if you are thinking of sleeping with it on top of your other bags, you will not be able to. The Sleeping Bag is extremely compact and fits inside your Carhartt jacket very easily. I am so impressed with the Pura Advantage that I will definitely get one of my kids one of these.


These are the best sleeping bags that I have used so far, but I would like to hear about your thoughts. Do you have a favorite sleeping bag that I have missed or a reason why you are unhappy with the sleeping bag that I gave a higher rating? I want to know why you should or should not buy a sleeping bag.

Tell me why in the comments!

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