The 10 Best Places to Go Camping Near Dublin

What you will read below is an alphabetized list of camping spots in the North and South of Ireland. They all cater to various requirements: there are some that you can only go to if you’re super active or in a smaller vehicle. Others have the facilities for families, groups, or just a couple of friends. All of them are lovely, beautiful, and within easy reach of the capital. Let’s review the 10 best places to go camping near Dublin. Enjoy!

1. Johnstown Castle

Situated at the Southern point of the picturesque village of Murrisk (on the Wicklow Coast), Johnstown Castle is Ireland’s largest surviving Georgian-period fortification and was built in 1764 for Charles John Stanhope, who wanted to protect his family home and the nearby estate. Located in the middle of a boggy landscape, the castle overlooks bogs and wildflowers and is often visited by nature enthusiasts. Dublin is only a 30-minute drive, so this is a great place for a weekend trip.

You need to be over 12 to get a vehicle pass, so if you don’t have one, just do the walk-in. There’s also a playground for kids on the premises. If you do have a car, parking is free and well signposted. It is advisable to book well in advance. To get there, follow the signs towards Murrisk and keep driving past the church until you get to the castle. It is on the opposite side of the road from the cafe, but there is an easy entrance and a café on the site.

2. Dublin Mountains

If you are looking for a more rural experience, then the Dublin Mountains are the place to go. Located on the left of the N4 between Dublin city center and Wicklow town, the mountains can be accessed from both directions. There are many picnic spots in the North and South of Dublin, but the South Dublin Mountains in particular have some fantastic spots with friendly locals. For example, you can enjoy a hearty meal on the Hill of Tara; there are a few picnic spots and a small visitor center. You can also take a walk up to the ancient burial site of the Tuatha De Danann and view the cave in which they were buried.

To get to Dublin Mountains, follow the signs for Foxford, which will take you on the N4 northbound. There is a car park at the junction, but the main parking area is at Roundwood. The best time to go is early summer. The cars parked at Roundwood will make a nice big oval in front of you. Once you are in the mountains, keep driving until you get to Monastery Hill and turn right. This will take you through a small copse of trees until you reach the N4. You can either continue to the left or turn right again onto the narrow road leading to the Leinster Way.

3. Slieve League

Originally known as Bangor Head, Slieve League is one of the most scenic mountain biking tracks in the world and is situated in Co. Down in the Mourne Mountains. Co. Down is known as “the hidden gem of the north of Ireland” for its scenery and terrain. With over 360km of stunning trails and 300km of scenery, this is a stunning place to enjoy riding. The mountain bikes are available for hire but there is no need as you are welcome to explore the trails on foot as well. If you do want to hire a bike, they are available in all three of the nearby villages of Hollywood, Newtownards, and Dundrum.

Four main track lengths are named after the nearby peaks and woods. The easiest route is the 3.8km North Loop, which is the longest and flattest of the bunch. You can also climb over to the North Lake, which is a 14km hike up. There are also wheelchair and disabled orientated trails to suit all abilities. To get to the Slieve League site, follow the signs for North Tagham and turn left. Drive up the hill for approximately 6km and then take the right turn into Slieve League Country Park. From here, you have a choice of pathways to follow, all of which can be accessed from the visitor center.

4. Coole Park and Gardens

Coole Park is located in a scenic location close to Dublin Airport. It is an area of outstanding beauty and offers visitors an extensive garden with its walled, manicured parkland and spectacular man-made lake and waterfall. It is ideal for a family day out and the perfect place for a picnic or just a stroll.

If you are a visitor, you can get a ticket for Coole Park and Gardens which will give you access to the lake. You can also visit the Dam, the Heritage House, or the cafes, cafés, and restaurants at Coole Lake House. The garden is filled with beautiful trees, rockwork, and water features and is the perfect place to relax after a long drive.

5. Kilsaran Forest Park

Located in Co. Offaly, Kilsaran Forest Park is a maze of mysterious tunnels and mysterious areas that are hidden away in the forest. Within the park, you can find a murder mystery exhibit that is suitable for the whole family, an underground ruin, an adventure playground, a live reindeer attraction, Ireland’s largest enclosed man-made lake, and the Boyne Smockworks.

The park is a natural treasure trove of Irish crafts, decorative art, and furniture and can be explored by car or on foot. It is a lovely place to visit during the Christmas and Summer holidays. You can camp there if you prefer. There are no parking facilities, but you can park on the road leading to the park from the nearest main road. There is a good bus service into the park as well.

6. Drumshanbo Geopark

Geoparks are fascinating places that tell us about the geological makeup of the world around us. The Drumshanbo Geopark is made up of 3 different areas: Wexford Geopark, Carrick-on-Suir Geopark, and Derrymacash Geopark. It is located on the border of Co. Wexford, Co. Tipperary, and Co. Offaly, and is a 30km wide natural landscape that is rich in history, wildlife, and geology. This is an exciting place for tourists and locals, as it allows you to explore parts of Ireland that you may not have seen before.

Many parts of Ireland, and its countryside is famous for their natural beauty and natural resources. The place you should not miss is the Drumshanbo Geopark, which is the home of many species of wildlife and plants. You can visit the natural rock formations on foot or by bicycle, drive around the green and white routes, or drive the 5km long N4 Suspension Bridge. The rugged landscape is truly stunning and the attraction is one of the best in Ireland for a family outing.

7. Killarney National Park

Also known as the Emerald Isle, this is a beautiful area of green scenery with a strong history and heritage. This national park is built on more than 200 lakes, rivers, and mountains. You can see the waterfalls of Moyle Head, the Belleek china factory, Burren Viewpoint, Seven Falls, and The Famine Museum. This is also the perfect place to visit in the winter when the lakes are frozen and the forest is covered in snow.

If you want to make a weekend of it, you can also hire a sleigh and tour the area, through the mountains. For camping, visitors can stay at Madam Garrett’s B&B in Glengarriff, Fr. Tierney’s B&B in Glengarriff, Fionn’s Inn in Kilmoyley, Brackavale Guest House in Killorglin, and the Blackwater Lake Lodge in Rathfriland. You can also hire a car and drive to the beauty of the National Park. If you do visit, ensure that you are dressed properly for the cold weather.

8. Doughmore Caves

The famous Doughmore Caves are unique in Ireland. There are two caves that you can visit. These caves are popular with both kids and adults. The dungeon caves have become a regular tourist attraction in recent years and have proven to be very popular with visitors. If you are a first-timer, this will be a perfect place to visit. If you are an avid tourist, you can spend an entire day in the caves. It is a lot of fun and a unique way to spend the day in the country. This cave site has been designated a unique feature of the Wild Atlantic Way and is one of many heritage attractions that make Ireland so enjoyable.

You can also go through some of the caves by wheelchair. It is one of the few caves in Ireland with an elevator. It is said that the entrance to the Dungeon Cave is haunted by the ghost of Elizabeth ‘Bess’ Nevin. She was the keeper of the underground museum. She is reported to have no fear of the dark and a strange grin. A lot of people have claimed to see her. If you go through the Dungeon Cave, you are sure to hear her name mentioned as you are being escorted to your accommodation.

9. Lochan an Linneach

This is a large glacial lake in Co. Offaly and is home to many birds and animals. It is also home to the Cradagh Mountains, one of the most scenic mountain ranges in Ireland. If you want to be a little more active, you can enjoy a walk on a local circuit that takes in all of the locations. There are also kayaking and other activities available in the area. You can kayak, walk, cycle, or camp. Lochan na Linneach was declared a National Nature Reserve in 1984.

It is a good place for camping if you want to stay longer in the area. You can also take a trip on the local hydroelectric train, which takes visitors through the forest. There are numerous facilities for visitors, including the Déise Lodge, the old hunting lodge, and campsites. The Lochan and Linneach Waterfall is a nice sight to behold. It is surrounded by a beautiful mountain range and is used as a natural water reservoir for the local community. This waterfall is the highest of its kind in Ireland. You can also find some great waterfalls in Killarney National Park.

10. Ballyliffin Golf Resort

The Ballyliffin Golf Resort is one of the finest golf destinations in Ireland. It is located in Donegal and is the first golf resort in the county. The resort is the perfect destination for families since it is quite close to the cities of Derry and Donegal. The Ballyliffin Golf Resort is famous for its championship golf courses and hotels, which are beautiful and well-equipped.

If you are a first-timer, you can golf all day and then eat at one of the award-winning restaurants in the area. You can play golf in the morning and then relax in the evening and go for a lovely walk in the nearby woods.

It is a fun adventure to explore all of the wonderful activities that Ireland has to offer. You can also get a good overview of the whole of Ireland by taking the iconic sea cruise. These cruises are a great way to enjoy the sea breeze and relax during a busy trip.

Using these tips, you can plan the perfect holiday in Dublin, Ireland.

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