Best Camping Generators

The Best Camping Generators in Australia for 2022

Best Camping Generators

The camping generator is a niche market that has been historically underdeveloped in Australia and is only just starting to gain momentum. The introduction of new models of generators, including the Tesla Motors Caffe and Innova Podium EV+, which are specifically designed for camping, is helping the market reach a new level of popularity. The introduction of eco-friendly and compact generators is also enticing more Australians to invest in the camping industry.

Today there are a few options for consumers to choose from, including the dual-fuel Honda MP-11 generator, which is now available with a 1.8 kW battery pack. The new Samsung POWERstacks are compact and extremely efficient, offering four different capacities, ranging from 600 watts up to 2.4 kW. The powerful Xtra-Batteries DCW-3000 is another option, which offers a compact design with the ability to charge up to 2.4 kW of power.

Let’s review one of the best camping generators in Australia for 2022:

Honda MP-11

The MP-11 is the latest and most innovative innovation in the Honda generator line. The Honda MP-11 is specifically designed to be an excellent generator for camping. The new features that make this power generator so unique include:

  • Wireless remote charging capability
  • Load indicator light
  • Level indicator
  • Four power levels
  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • Eco-friendly
  • Convenient
  • Improved sound quality
  • Both battery options are available
  • Large LCD with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Wide range of accessories including backpack and rack mounts
  • Electric Start
  • Steam and electric start
  • Compact size
  • Aesthetic design
  • Free shipping
  • Offers a 2-year warranty

This generator was initially released in 2011 but has since been updated and upgraded. The newer version has a redesigned motor, wireless charging capability, smaller footprint, improved sound quality, and improved exterior look. For the 2017 model year, the MP-11 is available with the included 1.8 kWh lead-acid battery. This option is perfect for campers who want to travel long distances with the additional battery pack. The price for the Honda MP-11 is AUD 19,499.

Samsung POWERstacks

The Samsung POWERstacks range includes six different sizes: 500W, 850W, 1000W, 1600W, 2000W and 2500W. The massive size and powerful 1000W are perfect for any sizable campsite. However, for campers who prefer to travel and leave the larger models in storage, these models are a great compromise. These generators offer a variety of features including:

  • Dual-Coil 4000W Air Compressor
  • Dual-Fuel 3000Wh Battery
  • Durable Aluminum Frame
  • Warranty

Price: $6500

The Samsung POWERstacks are made from an aluminum frame and are constructed with a powder-coated finish to create a sleek, lightweight, and durable design. There are three different battery options available: 2.4 kWh, 2.8 kWh, and 4.2 kWh. The additional battery packs are ideal for larger campsites and can be easily separated for convenience.

Xtra-Batteries DCW-3000

Xtra-Batteries is a new provider of compact electric cars. They offer compact portable power generators that are ideal for large campgrounds and long-distance travelers. The Xtra-Batteries DCW-3000 is a lithium-ion battery pack with a compact size, along with an electric start and auto voltage monitor. With a lithium-ion battery, this model offers a faster charging time and lower total consumption compared to lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, or other traditional generators.

This battery pack is designed with a quick-disconnect mount to prevent damage and jam-ups. The Xtra-Batteries DCW-3000 is perfect for emergency power back-ups in places without traditional electrical infrastructure. The rugged and versatile Xtra-Batteries DCW-3000 has a lithium-ion battery that will supply up to 2.4 kW of power.

The Xtra-Batteries DCW-3000 is available for $1,599 with the included 10Ah lithium-ion battery. The 10-Ah battery is overkill for most campers, but for emergency power back-ups and long-distance travel, it could be a useful accessory.

Monster Hybrid

The new Monster Hybrid family of generators offers a unique blend of power and features. The compact, easy-to-use 11.6 kWh model is ideal for use on the road or off. The Monster Hybrid is compact and weighs in at just 4.2 lbs. There is also a variety of two different battery options to choose from: 3.7 kWh, 5.1 kWh, and 7.2 kWh.

The 3.7 kWh version is perfect for short-range camping and the 5.1 kWh version can power a typical campsite. The battery capacity of the 7.2 kWh model is large enough to power a full-size camper.

The only bad thing about this unit is that it requires a AAA battery to power the unit. This is a convenience feature, as is the remote battery gauge. As a bonus, it also includes a battery charger. The price for this model is $599.

Winlaw 110KW/120KW Lithium Battery Generator

Winlaw is another brand new, privately-owned generator manufacturer. The Winlaw Lithium 120 is designed for large campsites with plenty of space. It can provide up to 110KW of power to an area with over 4,000 square feet of living area.

It’s a lightweight power pack, but heavy-duty enough to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty power for large campsites. This power pack is made from rustproof and durable steel. This unit is a great choice for families who travel on the road a lot, or who want a large power supply for larger campsites.

Winlaw offers two different options for battery charging. The smaller version of the Winlaw Lithium 80, will provide 8 hours of backup and can be recharged in 2 hours from an AAA battery. The battery pack is capable of delivering 3.8 kW. The larger version, the Winlaw Lithium 110, provides up to 12 hours of backup and can be recharged in 6 hours.

Winlaw 602 Power Pole

The Winlaw 602 Power Pole is similar to the Winlaw Lithium 80 in that it can provide power for up to 5 hours of power backup. It is powered by the same lithium-ion battery pack, however, it is a higher capacity model. This unit provides 2.3 kW of power or a little over 4 hours of backup time.

This unit is designed for low to moderate campers with lots of space. It is portable and fits in small luggage, so this model is great for off-road camping and rugged expeditions. The Winlaw 602 can be used with an optional tent power box, which makes this model perfect for tent camping. It comes with a remote sensor, as well.

The Winlaw 602 is available for $3,149, with the optional tent power box. This is a high-end generator, but it makes a great option for large camping areas or longer-distance travel.

Tropic Tree Generators 60 KW

The Tropic Tree 60 KW is a portable generator that is perfect for the family that wants something small enough to use in a tent, but large enough to have enough power to power an entire campsite. This unit comes with a 2-meter extension pole. The Tropic Tree 60 can provide 12-15 hours of backup time, and it has a lithium battery, so it is easy to use on the go.

Price: $899.99

Evakool Generator

The Evakool’s 11.8 kWh battery allows it to provide up to 60 kW of power to an area with about 4,000 sq. ft. of living space. There are 2 options to choose from when ordering the Evakool: the Evakool (60 kW) or the Evakool (35 kW).

The Evakool weighs 16.8 kg (40.7 pounds) and is a compact unit that is easy to carry. It provides 12 hours of backup, so this unit is perfect for camping with a large family. This unit is an excellent option for families who want to save money, or for smaller campsites.

Price: $800

Trident 21KW Generator

The Trident 21KW Generator comes with an innovative plug design that keeps corrosion and heat away from the main battery, and it has a temperature monitor, so you know exactly how cold the battery is. This model is portable, and it can recharge from one of the included AA batteries or an external power source. This model has a warranty of 10 years and comes with a remote sensor and charger. It is an electric generator designed for a single household, and it will only work when it is plugged into the wall outlet.

Price: $1,170 (50 percent off MSRP)

Godrej Enero Evo

This is a powerful, efficient generator that is perfect for a large camping area or camping in a more remote location. This model is available in 4 sizes: the Enero Evo 12, Enero Evo 8, Enero Evo 5, and the Enero Evo 3. It is lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to move.

Price: $700

Karsan 14000 KW Caravan Generator

The Karsan 14000 KW Caravan Generator is ideal for a caravan or camper that has lots of power needs. This unit has 14,000 watts of power, which can power a trailer, motorhome, or truck. It is powered by a 700 kWh lithium battery pack, and it has a 7-speed automatic transmission.

The unit is available with remote sensors, a 700 AMP inverter, and a high-output 3-phase. This unit is very lightweight, making it a great option for a caravan or camper. It comes with a 100 amp car adapter and is covered under a 7-year warranty.

Price: $1000

Winpower CampPower-7

The Winpower CampPower-7 is a portable generator that is ideal for camping and tailgating. This unit comes with an optional 12-Volt power supply and a portable 20,000-battery pack. This model comes in a couple of sizes: the CampPower-5 and the CampPower-7.

The CampPower-5 comes with a 5-inch LED light. This unit has a maximum output of 12,000 watts. This unit also has a sensor that monitors the battery voltage, so you can switch the unit on and off in case the power goes out.

Price: $650

Primopower Falconpower

The Primopower Falconpower Generator is perfect for a tailgating or camping party with a large group of people. This model is portable, and it can be powered by a 120 volt, 9-Amp power source, or it can run from the included 3-phase generator, making it an efficient option. It has a 2-wheel drive, so you can easily move it.

This unit has a 7-speed automatic transmission. This model is available in 2 sizes: the 15,000-watt version, and the 14,000-watt version. It has a 12-volt to 220-volt converter, so it can be used with many home generators. The unit comes with a remote sensor and charger.

Price: $10,299 (14 percent off MSRP)

Excalibur AE-10-3000 Carpower Generator

The Excalibur AE-10-3000 is the only portable generator on our list with a USB charge port. This portable generator is ideal for a tailgating or camping party where you have lots of power needs. This model has 3,500 watts of power, and it is powered by a 300 kWh battery.

The EXCILOR AE-10-3000 is powered by a solar panel. This model comes in 5 different sizes: the AE-10-3000 11,000 watt, the AE-10-3000 12,000 watt, the AE-10-3000 13,000 watt, the AE-10-3000 14,000 watt, and the AE-10-3000 17,000 watt.

Price: $8,000

EBO Technology 8000 LP or 13,000 LP Convertible Rotating Generators

This portable generator is ideal for any tailgating or camping party where you need a lot of power and you want to have some extra storage space. It is powered by an 80-inch spiral rotator, which can rotate 360 degrees. This rotator is powered by an 8000 or 13,000-watt continuous output motor, making it a good choice for an RV or tent.

This model is available in 2 different sizes: a 13,000-watt model, and a 12,000-watt model. It has 2-wheel drive, so you can easily move this generator around the tailgate or campsite. It has a 4-speed manual transmission.

Price: $1500


For a portable generator for tailgating or camping, you should consider all of the specific features, because some units will have advantages over others. You should also consider the price of the generator, and the storage space needed to keep it handy and powered up when you need it.

If you are in the market for a small portable generator for outdoor use, several models are a better choice than our 15 listed models. These models are not specifically designed for tailgating, camping, or tailgating, but they have the features and performance to power a tailgating or camping party if needed.

If you want more than one generator, keep in mind that you might have to buy an additional one when it’s time to recharge the first unit, so make sure to choose a generator that can be easily removed and transported. We recommend spending the extra money on a highly rated unit that won’t break your bank.

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