Best 10 Camping Blankets

The Best 10 Camping Blankets of 2022

What Is The Best Camping Blanket?

The best camping blanket is a unique and easy-to-understand method to measure the worthiness of a sleeping bag. Sure, you can weigh a bag or measure the tent temperature, but a blanket is still the most important factor for a good night’s sleep. It’s also the element that makes the difference between leaving your beloved tent (with its super cute duvet) and the wilderness or buying an ever more expensive tent that gets packed away. If you’re camping near water and it’s cold, you might want to consider wrapping yourself in a super fluffy, warm blanket. Here are the 10 best camping blankets that suit you best.

Radial Motion Backpacking Blanket

Dimensions: 41″ x 38″

Weight: 2 pounds

Price: $37.99

The Radial Motion Backpacking Blanket is the perfect blanket for car camping. It has the best qualities for travel, including its flexibility and lack of bulk. Its waffle weave is supportive and is woven with a super soft cotton blend. And when it’s inside a sleeping bag, you’ll be comfy with lots of room to maneuver. You can hike in it without getting sweaty, but be aware that the material can come off over your feet after wetness.


  • Super lightweight and compact, so you can bring it on trips of all lengths.
  • Perfectly sleeps when flat, as it’s built for travel.
  • Outstanding quality and comfort.


  • Can rip and rips in the seams a little easier.
  • Not ideal for extra protection from the weather.

Summer Infant Field Travel Blanket

Dimensions: 38″ x 58″

Weight: 4 pounds

Price: $29.95

If you’re looking for something lightweight and compact, the Summer Infant Field Travel Blanket is one of the best around. With a zippered opening that lets you see in, this blanket is very useful if you’re carrying it as a carry-on for a few days or in the car for hours on end. It’s wind and water-resistant, but you probably don’t want to sleep in a rainstorm in this thing. It’s best for car trips. One of the best things about this blanket is that it’s constructed in the USA. And the material is antimicrobial, so it shouldn’t attract fleas, ticks, and other bugs that might cling to it. It has a drawstring closure, which makes it easy to take on and off as well.


  • A little bit warmer than the Summer Infant Camp Trunks Blanket.
  • Built for longer trips with ease of storage and the opening makes it easy to pack.
  • Made in the USA and made with good materials.


  • The material may not last forever.

Prime Hydration Blanket

Dimensions: 40″ x 40″

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Price: $55

If you’re looking for a super-compact blanket to pack with you on longer trips, check out the Prime Hydration Blanket. It’s made of ripstop material, so it should last a long time and will be wind and water-resistant. It also has very flexible straps and a well-made opening. You can wrap the blanket around yourself like a shawl or use it as a pillow.

This is an excellent option for car camping but also makes for a nice rain jacket. It’s made from the super lightweight material, so it won’t add any weight. This thing could probably double as a good sleeping pad. And the cover keeps you dry and protected from the elements.


  • Very light and compact.
  • Made in the USA with rain-resistant materials.
  • Only a little heavier than a sleeping bag.


iPod Best Bamboo Insulated Blanket

Dimensions: 42″ x 45″

Weight: 2 pounds

Price: $51.68

The iPod Best Bamboo Insulated Blanket is perfect for car camping but also packs well into a large bag. With a compression bag constructed from 6mm bamboo, this thing is light and very compressible. This makes it ideal for packing in a suitcase for longer trips, especially to warmer climates. Because it’s quite warm, this isn’t the best option for extreme cold weather.

But for moderate to mild weather, this is one of the best options available. The iPod Best Bamboo Insulated Blanket comes with two compartments for storing valuables and documents, as well as an outer pocket for carrying your blanket. And since it’s made of bamboo, this thing should last a very long time.


  • 6mm bamboo material is water-resistant and super compressible.
  • Doesn’t take up a ton of room and is lightweight.


  • Maybe a little warm for extreme cold weather.

Honestly Simplicity Insulated Blanket

Dimensions: 37″ x 27″

Weight: 0.6 pounds

Price: $39.95

The Honestly Simplicity Insulated Blanket is very travel friendly because it’s super lightweight and compact. The material is very reflective and reflective in sunlight, so you’ll still see some light when driving. While you might not want to sleep on a blanket that can be seen from behind, it’s perfect for light travel use.

The blanket has both a window and zipper for organization, which is nice if you’re camping a lot and want to bring all your valuables. It’s a little bit warmer than the other blanket listed, but still fairly light. And the wide handle is nice because it makes carrying this thing pretty easy.


  • Very portable.
  • The material is pretty reflective, so it will help you drive in the dark.
  • Both a zipper and window for the organization.


  • It isn’t as warm as the other blankets listed.

Memory Foam sleeping bag (backpack)

Not all sleeping bags are made of down, but for backpacking, they’re a great option. There are different thicknesses to choose from, and even though I think down is a good material, there are a few companies that have made alternative products. I think this is a very portable and light sleeping bag because it’s made with what is essentially a thick piece of plastic. The cover has a nice design and it keeps you warm.

This sleeping bag isn’t very well insulated, but it’s very lightweight, so it’s not a big deal to bring. A blanket makes a great sleeping bag, but I don’t think this sleeping bag makes a good blanket. It might work in colder weather, but I don’t think it will last more than a few trips. However, this sleeping bag is durable, so if you’re a big backpacker, it might work great for backpacking.


  • Lightweight and portable. The cover is very warm.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Makes a great blanket.
  • Let’s you bring your belongings inside.


  • Limited space for luggage.
  • Not very insulated.

Mountain Equipment Co-op Bug-Out Bag

MEC has a great reputation in Canada for making durable, high-quality gear. And for years they’ve been making sleeping bags. This sleeping bag is a great option for people who are outdoors a lot because of the quality of the down used. The sleeping bag is very comfortable and warm, which is a given for something that is made of down.

The interior fabric is water-resistant, so if you’re backpacking in some cold weather, it should be okay. This sleeping bag doesn’t have a zipper, so it’s probably a little bulkier than the other sleeping bags, but it’s still super lightweight. The sleeping bag has a nice design, which is great for when you want to be prepared for anything, or when you want to be prepared for a scenario where you have to survive outdoors.


  • The interior fabric is water-resistant.
  • Very warm.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not very insulated.
  • Not many color options.

Unwind Fleece Cooling Sleeping Bag

Here’s a top-of-the-line sleeping bag. The fleece insulation is nice and the material is a little thicker than many other sleeping bags. I’ve used these sleeping bags a few times for backpacking trips and it’s a great option for someone who wants a durable and warm sleeping bag. The interior fabric is also really durable and warm.


  • Warm.
  • Large enough for a lot of stuff.
  • A good quality.
  • Water-resistant.


  • Not very waterproof.
  • Not very windproof.

If you’re an outdoors person who loves using sleeping bags, this is a good option.

Ultralite Down Light Weight Hammock Sleeping Bag

This is a cool sleeping bag, and I’ve used it quite a few times for backpacking trips. This is a lighter-weight version of the Down Fleece. Ultralite is a Canadian company that specializes in materials and gear for the outdoors. This is one of their products, and it’s a top-notch sleeping bag. The Down Fleece is very popular in the camping world because it’s a durable sleeping bag. The quality is high, and if you can’t afford to buy a nice sleeping bag, a Down Fleece will be enough.

I’ve used this sleeping bag a few times and it’s a great option. The material is durable and warm, but this sleeping bag is a bit smaller than the down duvet sleeping bag, so it’s also more portable. It’s lighter and smaller than the other Ultralite down sleeping bag, which is nice for those who like to travel light.


  • Lighter.
  • Lightweight.
  • Best quality.


  • Not very warm.
  • Not very insulated.

Superlite Zipper Sleeping Bag

I’ve never tried this sleeping bag before, but I’ve heard great things about it. This sleeping bag looks really good on the website, and I know for a fact that it’s very warm. I don’t have much experience with zippers, but I know they’re really important for sleeping bags because they help you stay warm and secure.

This zippered sleeping bag has an ultra-lightweight-down material, which is what’s important in this sleeping bag. The insulation is very warm and it’s very nice quality too. If you’re looking for an Ultralite sleeping bag, and you’re not looking for a very large sleeping bag, then this is the sleeping bag for you.


  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Large enough to be comfortable.
  • Extra-large zippers for extra warmth.


  • The zipper is a little small.
  • It’s an expensive sleeping bag.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and warm Ultralite sleeping bag, this is a good option.

Mountain Laurel Designs Zippered Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag has been out a few years and it’s a good quality Ultralite down sleeping bag. It’s made of extremely durable, washable, and water-resistant material. It’s super lightweight, so it’s more portable than the other sleeping bags on this list. There are two zippered openings on each end for extra warmth and ventilation. If you want a quality sleeping bag that’s fairly lightweight, then this is the sleeping bag for you. You can easily stuff this sleeping bag in a backpack and you’ll be very comfortable.


  • Very lightweight.
  • Warm.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good quality.


  • Very expensive.

EvoLite Windproof Down Sleeping Bag

If you’re looking for an UltraLite down sleeping bag with a little bit more insulation, then this is a great sleeping bag. It’s well insulated and it’s warm, but it’s not going to be as warm as some other ultralight down sleeping bags. It’s lightweight, which is nice, but that’s why it’s not going to be very warm.


  • Extra insulation.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Two zippered openings for extra warmth.


  • Not very warm.


I hope you enjoyed this list of great Ultralite-down sleeping bags. There are so many great Ultralite down sleeping bags out there, but I’ve narrowed it down to these 12 sleeping bags. These sleeping bags all have great reviews, so you know that they’re really good quality sleeping bags. I think this list is a great place to start when you’re shopping for a sleeping bag. I hope you’ve found this article useful and it can help you decide on which sleeping bag is right for you. I’d love to hear some of your thoughts or comments below, so be sure to leave a comment.

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