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What Is The Biggest Camping Tent In The World? 6 Tents – Simple Tenting

As a general rule, tents are designed to enclose one or more sleeping areas, usually one for each adult. Unlike tents used in the great outdoors, most modern tents are well-insulated, weatherproof, and contain locking poles to prevent bears or other nocturnal creatures from getting into the tent and making your lunch, as has happened on numerous occasions with tents used in Alaska and other remote wilderness areas. Other types of tents are used for various other purposes, such as campervan tents that allow one or more adults to sleep comfortably while driving across continents in a 4×4, medical tents designed to accommodate staff and patients with different needs, or emergency shelters for use when you or your loved ones are threatened by a natural disaster, such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, avalanches, or the destruction of your home. These tents are also available in multiple sizes and we’ll talk about the most popular ones used by campers and hikers.

Biggest Camping Tent

6 Best and Biggest Tents for Camping

Let’s discuss 6 of the best and biggest tents for camping in this article. All of them are oversized tents and allow you to sleep in comfort in spacious camping areas that are perfect for comfort and extended family vacations.

LMC Camelbak Ultralight Plus Tent

The Ultralight Plus tent by LMC Camping is not the largest or tallest of its kind, but it is nevertheless the lightest as well as one of the most comfortable and spacious tents on this list, boasting 806 cubic feet of internal space that is capable of housing up to 6 adults. The luxurious and weatherproof structure consists of a double-wall polyurethane-coated polyester canvas and a laminate floor and frame and can be folded in half with the inclusion of a zip-out section in the roof that keeps the rain away from the other areas of the tent. This tent also comes with a weatherproof storage case that is fully waterproof and easy to carry and comes with its carrying bag.

The tent was certified as an Approved Float Tank Tent and is designed for use in areas of up to 6 feet in depth. You can easily set it up in about 10 minutes and it comes with an excellent quality mesh and mosquito netting that also has stakes and bungee cords that make it easy to affix to the floor of your vehicle or float in an inflatable raft. Its internal size allows the Ultralight Plus tent to accommodate people of all sizes and shapes and even extends to a width of 6 feet. The system is extremely lightweight and water-resistant and has been tested to withstand heavy winds of up to 80 miles per hour, making this a truly durable and reliable tent for camping. The roof also comes with an attached rain fly that protects you from the elements, and also blocks high winds to keep it from becoming leaky.

Price: $187.50 & Free Shipping


  • A molded polyester canvas of extremely durable quality
  • Polyester and cotton blend that is highly breathable and comfortable to sleep on
  • Shade shield that shields the interior of the tent from rain
  • Lightweight and sturdy


  • The floor and floor stand can be hard to maneuver
  • Some reviewers had issues with the camper’s roofing zipper breaking/loosing

Osprey Titan Tarp 35 Backpacking Tent

Here’s a slightly less expensive tent that packs down to the size of a large lunch box and can be set up in seconds. It is a tarp-style tent, meaning that it has a polyester or nylon fly sheet that is designed to insulate you from the elements and block the wind, allowing you to sleep comfortably at night and watch the stars through the translucent dome roof. This particular tent is equipped with a PVC frame that folds down into its base when you’re not using it, so you won’t be tripping over it if it’s not being used at the moment. It has a total capacity of 35 square feet of interior space, and can comfortably fit 2 people in an upright position.

The Tarp Tent comes with a waterproof interior cover, a velcro bottom fly, and a single rain fly that can be placed on top of the tent during inclement weather. It weighs in at a whopping 18.8 pounds, so you’ll need a lot of help getting it back on your vehicle or float tube for storage when you’re done using it. The included footprint guides for the tarp make it easy to set it up in several different orientations and you don’t need to worry about getting the seams or rain fly wet when you’re putting it away. This tent is perfect for a day-tripping adventure, or if you’re willing to spend a little more money on something more permanent, it comes with a quick deployment vest that makes for a much more substantial tent than the average one and is suitable for more rough terrain.

Price: $165.60 & Free Shipping


  • Very affordable and a good value
  • A Tarp tent can comfortably accommodate 2 people
  • Includes mesh tent for use as a day pack or storage area
  • Easy to set up in minutes with an included footprint


  • It’s not ideal for higher winds than the average tent
  • Not waterproof to the point where it can resist heavy rain and bad weather

Columbia Women’s Delta 14 Tentsile Night Safe Tent

Here’s a highly affordable option for the budget-conscious camper. It measures just 14 feet in length, which is plenty of room for you and your partner to have some fun in the great outdoors while affording you plenty of privacy, though the two separate and narrow doors will limit your space a bit. The Delta tent features a TENTDRY treated, a water-resistant polyester canvas that is lightweight, water-resistant, and extremely durable, and it has additional ventilation holes to allow for a more breathable sleeping environment. It has full-length waterproof zippers on all four sides and is intended to be hand-carried with you on a day trip to your favorite watery park. If you’re looking for a tent for under $100, this is a fantastic option that you can have in the backcountry within a few hours.

Price: $94.00 & Free Shipping


  • Very affordable
  • CENTURY treated and water-resistant
  • Extra ventilation and rain fly included
  • Can be set up in several different orientations


  • It will be smaller and lighter than some more traditional tents
  • Not waterproof to the point where it can resist heavy rain and bad weather
  • Not much of a backrest for two people

The North Face Alpine III Therm-a-Rest 2 person Two Person Dual Layer Sleeping Set

This fully-featured sleeping set includes a bivy sack and its air pad, so you can enjoy the comfort of your mattress while you’re out there. It also has three vestibules to provide a good amount of ventilation and light, though since it’s so large it’s not particularly spacious or useful for packing gear and making quick travel preparations. The sleeping bag has six pockets to help keep things organized and accessible, and it also has a water-resistant bottom that doubles as a rain fly. The bag is treated with odor-proofing and water repellent, and the inflated mesh tent features a two-year warranty. The sleeping pad has an internal pocket to stash your headlamp and the vestibules are made of waterproof fabric, so the entire thing should be fully waterproof. It has a nice range of interior sizes to fit a variety of body types, and though this is a high-cost option, it offers an impressively high level of quality and comfort for the money.

Price: $522.00 & Free Shipping (24 percent off MSRP)


  • Three vestibules provide some additional storage and organization
  • Its insulation rating of about 35°F allows for comfortable and reasonably warm sleeping in cooler climates
  • The bivy sack has a removable pocket and is fully bagged to keep the down dry
  • Four zippered vents and additional ventilation holes provide better ventilation


  • Stuffy at first because it’s not properly deflated
  • Durable and water-resistant, but it’s not fully waterproof
  • Not a ton of interior space

Picante Panga Ultralight Sleeping Bag for Hiking

Here’s another high-quality, small-footprint sleeping bag option that’s ideal for carrying on a day trip for those times when your camping trip doesn’t end up going the distance. This new-for-2018 sleeping bag is a compression-molded goose down rated for 30°F, and it’s a highly affordable option compared to other big-name manufacturers. It’s small in size, so it won’t offer the ultimate in space, and it can be blown up pretty quickly. Like most down gear, this is an effective way to keep costs down in the long run, and as long as you don’t expect to be fully submerged in a lake and sleeping on the ice you’ll be fine.

This isn’t quite as light as an incredibly lightweight down sleeping bag, but it is very affordable and still offers great warmth for the weight. The big benefit of this sleeping bag is the company’s attention to detail, as they use an ultra-light synthetic cover on the sleeping bag that uses 18 percent less energy than its predecessor and weighs 33 percent less. That means you’ll also be sleeping cooler and more comfortably.

Price: $119.99 & Free Shipping


  • Packed with incredibly lightweight, effective down insulation
  • Coolest air flowing insulation around
  • Receives the name of being the lightest full-weight polyester sleeping bag
  • Eight-gram zipper pulls are extremely durable and easy to find in the dark


  • Quieter than most sleeping bags, but it may bother other campers
  • No seam points for sorting and to help keep things organized

Coleman Studio Sleeping Bag

Here’s another sleeping bag that is a little more of a traditional foam insulated option, though with more of a mountain climbing focus than you’ll typically see in a panga. This sleeping bag still uses less energy than down to keep you warm, but it also has the benefit of being more durable than most down sleeping bags. Because of that, you can expect to use this bag on long trips and in really tough conditions. This would be a great sleeping bag for backpackers who are sleeping off the trail, or for those who want to use it in colder conditions. It’s an attractive, low-cost option for those who don’t want to break the bank.

Price: $87.68 & Free Shipping


  • Very warm sleeping bag, with decent warmth for down sleeping bags
  • Aerodynamically shaped hood keeps your head and neck warm
  • Large internal baffles provide a very effective way to control airflow and keep your sleeping bag cooler
  • Super lightweight yet will still support 30°F down insulation
  • Includes a rain fly and hood


  • Quieter than most sleeping bags, but it may bother other campers
  • Not the best option for mid-summer camping — will get too hot during the day


Down sleeping bags can be a great choice for lightweight camping trips. They have a very long and well-respected history and almost always sleep warm. There are a lot of down sleeping bags on the market, and it can be tough to compare different brands and different styles, but if you want to pick up the best down sleeping bag for your backpacking trips, this is a great place to start. We have listed the 6 biggest tents for camping gear, but these have generally been the most innovative and capable, and are also most affordable. If you want something with a bit more style and warmth, you can check out our list of the best dome tents, and if you want to get involved with the best backpacking or winter sleeping bags, make sure you check out our list of the best sleeping bags for extreme weather.

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